Nicholas Sailer is a writer and film director whose work has been screened at the Cannes Film Festival and Universal Studios. Sailer got his start when he won Best Picture and Best Director at CMF, the largest student film festival in the world. After studying screenwriting in Prague, Czech Republic, and working in Brooklyn, New York, He moved to Boylan Heights in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he works as the Chief Creative Officer for Betaversity.

Although his primary focus is filmmaking and storytelling, he doesn’t let the boundaries of any one industry contain his creativity. His most recent project is ‘A Story Each Day‘, a year-long narrative experiment in which he wrote one short story every single day of 2014.

All of Sailer’s work is focused on creativity, innovation, and storytelling – His work is grounded in strong story structure and breathtaking visuals. His filmography includes The Strong One (2012), and IPSEITY (2013).

Sailer has received numerous awards for his films, including awards for best editing, best directing, and best picture. In 2012, Sailer won Best Picture and Best Directing at the Campus Moviefest Grand Finale, the world’s largest student film festival, where 75,000 student compete.

He is currently working on his next project which will be announced late 2015. To keep up with his latest work, follow him on Twitter.